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boo ya!

Looky at what I got today~~ \:D/

I broke my self-imposed non-spending rule to get this. It can be a late birthday present to myself. x3;;
Aaand as soon as I get on the computer, I find this in my e-mail. My wallet is no match for Arashi...but it can't keep up!
Are these photobooks all unofficial? D:
The limited release and cheap price are kinda tempting though...

Speaking of Arashi, The last VS Arashi was sooo cute. Gahhh, Chinen kills me. And Chinen + Ohno!?!?!? DOUBLE K.O.
And Himitsu no Arashi has gotten really good! I LOVE the new VIP Room corner~~~ ♥
My dad says he likes HnA even more than AnS now, whuttt. :O

And wow, I can't believe summer's over already.
Sorry I haven't been active, I've been pretty busy with various things and getting ready for school. Will post a summer recap laterz yo.
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