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wii back

My dad was a-complainin' about not having to anything to do now that baseball season's over, so he wanted the Wii back from Mino, who was borrowing it. xD;;
My mom started playing again as soon as we got home last night, lol. I wanted to sleep but she made me set it up first.
I haven't been in a gaming mood for a while but I kinda felt like it yesterday and today, so yay~ good timing.
I played some Rune Factory today. I quit playing before because I got kinda stuck, but I'm trying to play it again.

LOL. Omg, today I was looking through the "Check Mii Out" channel on the Wii, and there are some really funny ones. I was just trying to find random Japanese celebrities. xD;; I found Riida! Actually I found all of Arashi, but Ohno was the only one that really looked like him. And I found a really good Goro, Fukuyama Masaharu, Tamori, Machami, and Sekai no Nabeatsu, etc. And the best was Harisenbon. Their miis look EXACTLY like them. Lol, I was totally laughing on the floor when I saw them. xD;;

Omg, omg, I soo want the new Harvest Moon game~ I think it's coming out this week! But I'm trying not to spend money so I'll probably try to get it after Christmas.
I'm planning on marrying Gil again.♥ If I play as Akari that is, which I probably will because I'm attached to AkarixGil. x3;;
But I might play as the new girl too...idk who I'd marry then though. xD;;

Anyway. Haven't watched the NEWS DVD yet. I DLed it but I haven't joined the parts yet. xD;;
I might end up not watching it until I get a laptop though.
O, by the way, I'm getting a laptop gaiz~~
I already picked out a couple I'm interested in. I'm just waiting for holiday prices. :P

I'm reading a book! I feel like I haven't read anything in FOREVERR. Ok, so it's only been since summer, but it feels like a long time! I'm kind of sad I broke my reading streak though. I read at least one book a month from January-August. So far I've finished 15 books this year, tying the number I read last year. I wanted to read a lot more this year though~ >_>;;
I just started reading Brave Story. I watched the movie a while ago, but I heard the book was better so I've been wanting to read it. I was waiting for the softcover to come out though, and then I kinda forgot about it. BUT, the other day at Book-Off I saw it for $5~
So I bought it and saved myself like $10. \:D/

AND my Korean phase continues. I'm soooo in love with Shin Woo. Too bad he's fictional.
P.S. If you're not watching You're Beautiful, go watch eet nao. D:
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