memi (chocomemi) wrote,

first post of 2010!?

Long time no post! I can't believe we're already like a whole month into 2010!

I don't really have any resolutions this year, apart from my usual goals. :P
My dad is apparently trying to quit smoking though. Good for him. I've only been nagging him about it for like 10+ years. xD;; Idk, he seemed really fired up about New Year's this year for some reason. He saved this list of like, self-improvement goals from the newspaper. He seemed kinda bummed when I said I didn't have a New Year's resolution, lol.

I've been kinda busy keeping an eye on Louie (and since before we got him, researching puppy stuff). He has so much energy! But that's your typical puppy, right? They say that if "he's out of sight, he's up to no good," and it's TOTALLY TRUE. He's not quite as naughty as before though, so I have more free time now. They grow up so fast. :'D
He's been taking puppy classes on Saturdays and he has a couple puppy friends. They have play-dates once in a while too. They're so fun to watch. x3;;

It's still the 25th here so...HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHO-CHAN~!
Also...DAYUM. Thank you ANAN. D; Wow, I haven't DLed mag scans in foreverrr.

I went on an Arashi downloading spree yesterday. \:D/ Catching up to HnA now. I also got some AnS and VSA eps, but I've only watched the one with Gackt(!) on Team Arashi so far. Omg, true story: puppy turned off the computer the other day while I was watching HnA D: Also...not the first time he's done it. Plus I downloaded Tengoku de Kimi ni Aetara and Saigo no Yakusoku. Did anyone watch those yet? Were they good?

I've been trying to watch more dramas/movies lately. Slowly starting to tackle my ultra-packed hard drive. xD;; But first I'm trying to finish stuff I've already started watching. I'm going at a good pace right now!
Tags: arashi, puppy
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