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26 July 2009 @ 11:53 pm
I spent this week re-watching Stand Up!! :DDD
Ever since Genki mentioned it, I really wanted to watch it again! Mino too, but she's a little behind.

IT'S SO CUTE/FUNNY. and perverted.

I LOVE KENKEN. Damn, Yamapi was so cute. The way he talks is just...asdfjfl;;
I loove pre-Kurosagi Pi-chan. xD;

Nino toooo. The first time I watched it, I wasn't as big of a Nino fan. I just thought he was really awkward looking, lol. I still think he's awkward, but in a really cute way!
I always loved his "EEEEEEH!"'s though, lulz. It makes me want to say that all the time. xD;

What else did I do this week?
I organized my iPod. I fixed the tags and added album art for everything. 8)

And for something that actually matters...I finally went to get my permit. Yay.
My picture is so bad. DDD: But oh well.

K I GOTTA PACK FOR CAMP. I'm so bad. I always end up packing late late the night before, or early the morning of.
Be back at the end of the week.
See you~~~!
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11 July 2009 @ 06:33 pm
Happy birthday Shige! :D
I fail, I don't have anything special. orz

My fandoms kind of went down the drain this year. Except for Arashi, lol.
But...I still love you Shige!
24 May 2009 @ 07:45 pm
Lulz, I lied. I guess it's more of a semi-hiatus. IDK...I think I'll be back online regularly soon anyway. But man...I feel like I haven't done anything for like 2 months. Like no work and no fun either. orz What have I been doing this whole time? Sleeping? D:

Random thoughts...

Arashi - - -
Ashita no Kioku: Pretty~ I like the camera/picture theme.
Crazy Moon: Cool dance! And for once I actually like Jun's hair. xD;;
Everyone is still looking good. *u*

NEWS - - -
Abake! Haha, I should at least watch Shokura when NEWS is on it. I didn't watch the whole ep yet, just the abake. Tegoshi was so cute~.
It was funny how Shige kept getting mad at the wrong people. xD;;
Koyama wasn't as annoying this time. :D

My dad was watching MS and he said Tegoshi has gotten manlier. LULZ.

Edit: I watched the whole ep. TAMA-CHAN! ♥
I was surprised by how much solo screentime he gets now.
Also...I wanna try kimchi natto. I know I've seen it on menus somewhere. It sounds good. Lol, natto club. I still haven't tried their natto toast. xD;;

An Cafe - - -
New single in August and new album in September! \:D/
They finally made it to BUDOUKAN! Omedetou~.
Takuya's hairrr. ♥